Team Qhubeka NextHash to take on Bretagne Classic

The Bretagne Classic, a UCI World Tour single-day classic, takes place tomorrow. The 251km route will feature more than 4000 meters of climbing, scattered over 64 climbs.

Team Qhubeka NextHash’s roster will be spearheaded by Giacomo Nizzolo, who will be supported by Carlos Barbero and Simon Clarke. Karel Vacek will also return to racing, after recovering from his injuries from a few weeks ago. Sean Bennett, Mauro Schmid, and Robert Power complete our lineup.

Hendrik Redant- Sports Director

“The race used to be raced on a circuit, but now it has been changed and it’s now a big lap of 235km, with another lap of about 15km, which is a total distance of 251km. The race itself is very hard, with 64 climbs. The climbs range from 400m to 2kms. The roads are narrow, with lots of twists and turns.

Looking at our team, in Giacomo Nizzolo we have someone who can do very well, and it was on these circuits where he won the European Championship. He was also second at this race in 2013, so he will be our leader for this race. We have Sean Bennett, Mauro Schmid, and Robert Power, who can go out and try and be in the break. Karel Vacek is back on track after his injuries. We also have Carlos Barbero and Simon Clarke who will be in the final for us.

The challenging part will be the second half of the race, about 180km into the race, just after the gravel section. We hope to be in the front at this point and challenge for a top position with our sprinter.