Team Qhubeka launches iconic ‘Hand Up’ kit

Team Qhubeka is thrilled to release our 2022 kit which is a celebration of our organisation’s rich heritage and a true showcase of our unique purpose. The striking imagery moves us forward towards the next chapter in Team Qhubeka’s journey, with dreams and ambitions to rise again.

Produced by our partners Ekoi, this fresh, vibrant and deeply symbolic look, with warm colour tones, we hope will be a must-have jersey among our loyal fans, and newcomers to the sport of cycling.

It features the iconic hand reaching upwards, which symbolises how we – our team, partners, Qhubeka beneficiaries, and you are all connected to our purpose of bicycles changing lives. This montage is mirrored on an African horizon with the ‘Hand Up’ pointing to a future of great things to come. ​
​Details around the availability of the kit to the public will be made in due course, while we are also hard at work in creating a platform for supporters to join Team Qhubeka through an exciting offering that will connect and unite fans of the sport across the world.

Doug Ryder [Team Principal]:

It is always a beautiful time when you get to showcase and announce a new team kit. Particularly in our world where our kit is not only about showing off our fantastic partners, which are incredibly important and who invest in us, but it’s also about telling a story.

The sun might have set on our World Tour team but the sun has risen for our Continental team that will proudly wear this kit. It’s modelled off an African horizon with the hand up a sign of a future of great things to come.

The yellow and the red are the earth, the fields and the landscape – as you know our stadiums are the open roads of the world – and we ride through them and race on them to success.

The blue sky is limitless; we reach for it and we celebrate it with our hands up – hopefully many times this season.

It’s a beautiful jersey and we look forward to getting it into the hands of our riders to represent our team, our partners and our purpose successfully this year as we rise again into the future; and of course also to get it into as many hands of our partners and fans around the world. We look forward to engaging with everyone so that they can be a part of Team Qhubeka in 2022.