Team Qhubeka Community Gets off to a Great Start with Support from Pax8

Team Qhubeka is a sports and social movement from Africa, aiming to build an inclusive global community, united by the common purpose of changing lives with bicycles. As part of the Acronis #CyberFit Sports partnership, Resello, a Pax8 company, is proud to support Team Qhubeka by providing them with the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, an award-winning cyber protection technology. Moving forward, we are also delighted to have collaborated with Team Qhubeka on the launch of their fan community web page.

Partnership Going from Strength to Strength

As a proud partner of Team Qhubeka, we are excited to announce the launch of the Team Qhubeka Community, a unique fan partnership that aims to bring supporters closer than ever to the team. The Community is united by Team Qhubeka’s common purpose of changing lives with bicycles, creating a shared value platform that connects us all. It was a significant step and innovation in our partner’s journey, which required careful planning and efficient execution. In the first phase of the project lifecycle, everything was ready, from the content and design to the overall look and feel of the platform, except for technical expertise to get the website up and running – and that is where Pax8 stepped in.


“From the start of the project, it felt like a collaboration. The team at Pax8 were all very helpful and willing to share their expertise, which simplified the process for us.” Karselle Moodley, Brand Manager at Team Qhubeka


Potential Unlocked by Pax8

We are always ready to go the extra mile for our partners to set them up for success. To help Team Qhubeka ensure functionality of their web page, technical constraints and functional limitations had to be examined first. Jesse Taylor, VP Technical Operations at Pax8, took charge of this development process as a project manager and product owner, managing the product backlog and driving the product enhancements to help Team Qhubeka attain the desired outcome.


Jesse went above and beyond and his willingness to always find a solution, even if not within the project scope, was admirable. We also received valuable input on some solutions we were not aware of. We’re very proud of the final project and could not have done this without Pax8.” Karselle Moodley, Brand Manager at Team Qhubeka


Transition to a New Web Host Made Easy and Smooth

In addition to creating a plan and building a timeline to guide the control and execution of the project, Team Qhubeka was seeking an efficient way of transitioning from their current web hosting provider to WordPress hosting. The aim was making the most of WordPress and providing their audience with the best-in-class experience at scale. Making it possible for their community to sign up for the memberships and order kits online on the website required a robust and reliable IT support. For Team Qhubeka, moving forward with Pax8 was an absolute breeze.



“We came in and took care of every technical aspect so that they could focus on their community and content. What we wanted to achieve was to lift the technical burden from their shoulders and help them move forward.” Jesse Taylor, VP Technical Operations at Pax8



Enabling Email Migration without a Hitch

Migrating emails to a new platform can be challenging and troublesome but having expert guidance makes a huge difference. With professional help from Pax8, setting up a distribution list for email alias in Office 365, configuring an MX record to add an extra domain to the existing domain provider and creating a shared mailbox were quite simple.



“They could probably figure out a way to migrate emails on their own. But we did it just in five minutes with a few clicks and saved their time and energy.” Jesse Taylor, VP Technical Operations at Pax8



Enhancing Operations with Continuity and Security Solutions

Protecting the website from cyber threats and guaranteeing a secure browsing experience for visitors required a proper security plan in place. By installing an SSL certificate for the WWW domain and enabling Stripe Identity integration for identity verification, Pax8 made it possible to increase safety for Team Qhubeka’s online communications, prevent fraud and simplify compliance. While doing so, it was ensured that these issues were dealt with from a continuity perspective by looking into the backup process, determining a backup schedule, exploring the ways to restore data and performing backup tests.

Empowering Mutual Success through Shared Values

Resello, a Pax8 company, and Team Qhubeka are united by their shared values of going beyond the limits, opening up new horizons and challenging the status quo. Our partners’ success is our success.

“Filling a gap in a mission-driven organization, getting things done to enable things to go further and doing everything possible to make the project a success made for my self-fulfilment too – I succeeded because we succeeded.”

Jesse Taylor, VP Technical Operations at Pax8