Team Qhubeka ASSOS fired up for Amstel Gold Race

Amstel Gold Race is the first of three Ardennes Classics and the UCI World Tour ranked classic will take place on Sunday in South Limburg, Netherlands.

The 55th edition of the Amstel Gold Race is set to be a unique edition of the race with a revised route, due to Covid-19 restrictions, consisting of a 16,9km lap around Valkenburg that will be completed 12 times before one final circuit of 15,9km brings the race to its conclusion, for a total of 216km.

The climbs of Geulhemmerberg, Bemmelberg and Cauberg will feature on each lap, with only the Cauberg being bypassed on the final lap. The championship style race will ensure Sunday is a race of attrition.

Team Qhubeka ASSOS will be looking to Simon Clarke to lead our charge with Michael Gogl also being a protected rider. Sander Armee, Sean Bennett, Sergio Henao, Bert-Jan Lindeman and Robert Power will complete our lineup.

Thank you to the u17 W.V De Jonge Renner boys for announcing our Amstel Gold Race line-up!

I have very good memories of the roads that make up the circuit for this year’s Amstel Gold Race. The parcour is quite similar to the UCI World Championships of 2012, which I competed in as a first year professional. That was a special moment in my career and these memories make me excited to go back and race the same roads.

As the circuit is similar to that of a world championships route, you can be sure it is a very testing course where only the strongest riders can stand a chance to win. We believe we have such a rider, so we are going all in to position Simon Clarke at the front of the race, to fight for the victory.

Bert-Jan Lindeman