Team Qhubeka ASSOS choose Acubiz

Team Qhubeka ASSOS has made an important administrative decision, choosing to streamline its expense management processes with Acubiz.

For some time, it has been a priority for Team Qhubeka ASSOS to minimize the administrative burdens linked to expenses, which naturally occur in the wake of cycling races all over the world.

In any organization, employees hold expenses on a regular basis, when they do their job. This also applies for a professional cycling team. That may be our Sport Director’s representation expenses in connection with sponsor meetings, mechanics or soigneurs who need to purchase additional supplies on the road or even a rider who buys a cup of coffee when heading to a partner’s event.

When it comes to cycling, teams are always searching for hundredths of seconds on a bike’s aerodynamics or optimizing a rider’s diet to the gram. Saving time in one area prompts more time in other areas. Time that can be used for optimizing processes, which is absolutely crucial in competitive environments such as elite cycling.

Riders must have the best conditions for succeeding and winning races. Acubiz, with their digital and automated expense management service, can free up time and make everyday life a little easier for all Team Qhubeka ASSOS riders and staff.

Anthony Field-Buss – Team Qhubeka ASSOS Head of Finance

“Acubiz has streamlined our expense claim process, by allowing me to spend more time on expanding our technology solutions instead of ensuring that staff have completed their personal claims correctly.

Our team consists of more than 80 people, riders and staff, based in over 20 different countries, and with a racing calendar that expands across the globe. Efficiently managing our admin process behind the scenes allows our team to perform at their best when they are on screen.”

Team Qhubeka ASSOS was delighted to have already welcomed Acubiz CEO and founder, Lars de Nully at the Tour Des Alpes Maritimes in Southern France last month and we look forward to building upon our partnership into the future.

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