#BehindTheStripes: The start of the off season

So my last race of the season was the Paris-Tours Classic in France. I have since returned home to South Africa and just in time as well, we are just about to head in to full on summer here in South Africa while my friends in Europe are expecting snow anytime soon. For me, I prefer the sun so this is a good situation to be in (laughs).

After my last race of the year I took off 3 weeks without doing any sort of real training, I only did a very little bit of swimming but nothing structured or all that important at this stage. At the moment I am in the Eastern Cape in a town called Mthatha, this is where I was born. Most of my time, well pretty much all of my time actually, I have spent with my family and friends here. You don’t get to see them much during the course of the season so I’m trying to make the most of the time I have with them now, it’s really enjoyable because it feels like i am living a normal life for change.

Next week it’s back to reality though. I will be going to gym, I’ll start riding my bike again and I’ll also include some swimming as well. While I haven’t made any real plans for the 2015 season yet, it is a very important and big season for me and for the team. So it is really important that I start doing some good work next week already. I’m really looking forward to 2015 season at the moment, i think everyone on the team is excited about it.

We have a training camp coming up quite soon which will be in the beautiful Western Cape, I actually can’t wait for it. It really is one of the only times that you get to see everybody on the team as we are all on different race programs. So it will be nice to catch up with the guys and the staff I haven’t seen in a while. Also, we have some new riders coming to the team and that is always exciting as it is always good to make some new friends. Normally the team will get involved in a Qhubeka project during the camp too and this is actually always a highlight of my season. I don’t know what the plans are for the camp this year yet but I know it will be great.

Until next time, Songezo.

Get to know Songezo better in this awesome video.

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