Retül – The perfect fit for Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka

Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka uses Retül as its official bike fit technology partner.

“During the first quarter of 2017, Retül has delivered invaluable expertise and teaching to our sports science team and riders through Todd Carver’s participation in our aerodynamics camp and bespoke Retül University” says Dr Carol Austin, Head of Performance Support and Medical at Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka.

At our January Valencia Velodrome Aero Camp, Todd and team sports scientists Dr Jon Baker and Mattia Michelusi worked together to improve the road and time trial bike fits of Boasson Hagen, Cavendish, Fraile and Anton. “Todd’s extensive experience of pro-level bike fitting brought immediate insight and direction to the process of aerodynamic optimisation” says Dr Jon Baker.

In March, eight members of our sports science team (coaches, physiotherapists) converged on the team Performance Center in Lucca, Italy for a 5-day Team Retül University with Todd. In addition to refreshing their technical knowledge of Retül, the team worked with Todd to troubleshoot some specific rider issues. “The continued professional development of our sports science team in this type of integrated workshop benefits our team immensely.” says Austin. “We have considerable internal expertise in the specific fields of exercise physiology, biomechanics and sports medicine. By working together with an athlete centered approach, a deeper understanding of issues and solutions emerge.” says Austin. “We deeply appreciate the value of Retül’s ongoing commitment and passion for our team, performance and the development of cycling in Africa.”

“At Retül we believe firmly in partnering with the best bike fitters in the world.  This provides us with valuable feedback to improve our products. Over the years, the high performance team at Dimension Data for Qhubeka has become a trusted source of knowledge that I have grown to rely upon.” says Todd Carver from Retül.

“Part of creating a good partnership is enjoying the company you keep. We ride together, eat together, and talk about life.  And that makes all the hard work seem easy.” concludes Carver.

Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka makes use of a full range of Retül products which includes the Vantage (3D Motion Capture System), Müve (Dynamic Fitting Bike) and Fütbed (Shoe Insoles). The Levül wheel block and Angül fitting stem are two accessories which also compliments our high performance team at Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka.

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