Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg continues down road to recovery

Reinardt Janse van Resnburg, our fast finishing South African, has yet to start his 2018 racing season. Janse van Rensburg underwent surgery late in 2017 and is currently continuing with his rehabilitation in South Africa. 

For Janse van Rensburg, who had an excellent 2017, it’s been a frustrating period. “My recovery has been really tough and took much longer than we expected. My shoulder is feeling good and almost back to 100%, but my adductor tendons are still a bit painful. I have been working very hard to get back and showed some good improvements recently, hopefully I can be back on the bike training fully soon,” he said.

Dr. Jarrad van Zuydam explains what his prospects are for a return to racing.“Reinardt had groin surgery late last year. He was perhaps a little over eager in trying to make his comeback and provoked a severe adductor tendinopathy. The injury has proven to be stubborn and slow to respond to treatment and rehabilitation. He has made significant progress in recent weeks however, and we are hopeful of a return to racing next month.”