Our team has always strived to do things differently: to fundamentally change the world through our actions, to make a meaningful impact and to leave a legacy through sport’s inherent power to do good. No other team, in any sport, has this as its bedrock.

Our world is one based on high-performance and where results are put under the microscope; but just as importantly it’s one in which our purpose provides the hope and inspiration, around the world, that we are able to effect positive change.

Our sport and team is wholly unique – it incorporates precision, logistics and performance but it also requires passion, desire, grit and belief – our world is datasets and beating hearts; our team embodies the spirit of Ubuntu – I am because we are.

Focusing on social mobility, our relationship with the Qhubeka Charity gave birth to our mission of #BicyclesChangeLives. Leveraging the global platform we have as a UCI World Tour cycling team, we strive to provide hope, opportunity and inspiration to children in Africa.

Every year we enter the world’s toughest annual sporting event with soaring hope but also know that it’s our core beliefs, principles and values within our organisation that will hold true to the wider world, on the biggest stage that we have.

This year’s Tour de France saw our team look to encapsulate those, to truly reveal what it means to be a part of our team and its spirit; and so our short series of films was not one of merely charting our race but rather a lens through which the viewer can gain belief through understanding.

• Success
• Ubuntu
• Hope
• Time
• Team
• Significance


Success can be many different things to different people, and at the Tour de France it is no different. It could be that making the breakaway, finishing in the top 10, wearing a jersey or winning a stage makes the race “successful”.

At Team Qhubeka NextHash, our success has always been determined more by what we can do off the bike, than on the bike. We believe #BicyclesChangeLives.

Nicholas Dlamini, the first black South African to ride the Tour de France, grew up in an informal settlement in Cape Town. Against all odds, the 25 year old South African has made it to the start of the 2021 Le Tour. A truly inspiring and beautiful story of success, a young man living his dream.


Ubuntu – I am because we are

Ubuntu is the African philosophy that defines the culture within our team, Team Qhubeka NextHash, it’s what pulls us together during the tough times and what our joy is rooted in during the good times.

This is Ubuntu at the Tour de France!


The third film in our series of short films from the 2021 Tour de France – ‘Hope’.

This film reflects on exploring hope in respect of honouring the world’s biggest race but also on what the team’s standing is in the world of cycling, and the unique position it has to inspire through competing on the very highest level.

It includes reflecting on the journey of Nicholas Dlamini, the first Black South African to ever compete at the Tour de France, and his remarkable story that saw him eliminated from the race on stage 9 in Tignes. His own personal journey captivated people around the world with his determination to complete the stage despite being out of the time limit.


The fourth video in our series of short films from the 2021 Tour de France, Time.

For 21 days, over 3 weeks and more than 3400km, we are always up against the clock at the Tour de France.

How we use our time is what makes the difference though.


The 5th short film from our 2021 Tour de France, Team.

Here we focus on the collective effort required to take on the biggest race in our sport. 8 riders might start the race, but 22 support staff are on the ground with the team and another 50 odd staff and 19 other riders all contribute to ensure we reach the Champs-Elysees in Paris.


International Mandela Day, which is on the 18 of July every year, celebrates the life of former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

Our team has always had the honour of celebrating this day at the Tour de France each year, most famously during our debut Le Tour when Steve Cummings won on Mandela Day in 2015.

To commemorate the day, we add a splash of orange to our livery, as orange is the official colour of #MandelaDay and also the colour of harmony.

This year Mandela Day fell on the final stage of Le Tour, and so for the first time ever, we were honoured to celebrate it on the Champs-Elysee, in Paris!