Our Technology Eco-system

Our eco-system allows us to connect and leverage technology and data, enabling our riders and staff to perform at their highest level in the sport. With this information, we’re able to create a holistic picture that helps us manage our athlete’s health and wellness.


ROTOR’s Powermeters measure the actual workload a rider is doing. We consider this one of the most accurate ways to measure the effort, and we use this data to prescribe training.

Our Garmin wearables and GPS computers provide us with athlete, race, and training data, which can then be used to track, analyse, and assess our rider’s performance and efforts.

The information from Garmin and ROTOR allows us to prescribe and adapt training. With the TrainingPeaks platform we can prescribe, plan, and analyse training data, which is a critical component to our coaches and riders.

Acronis, while providing the team with cybersecurity, will work with our coaching staff to develop technology to assist with object detection for sprint and strategic position vantage-point analysis post-race. Positioning in the race is critical and coupled with data, will help us better understand what has happened in race situations.


With the Phila application, our riders can provide us with wellness data, which is seamlessly fed into Arc, a team management dashboard. The data from Phila, combined with the data from the Garmin wearables, allows us to provide well-being scores on our riders. This gives the coaching and medical staff insight into the health and wellbeing of our riders throughout the season.

Zone7 makes use of data-driven artificial intelligence, where data collected from our tech-partners assist in early warning signals and prevention of missed days due to illness or injury.

For any athlete, energy management is key to success and with SuperSapines we will have new insight into better glucose management. This will help us mitigate the consequences of poor fuelling, amongst other things.

Our rider safety on the bike is of paramount importance especially while training, and for that, we have partnered with Busby. Busby is an automatic incident response application that works with the sensors in our rider’s phones to ensure their safety.