NTT’s former Amstel Gold winners to “honour” race with Zwift ride

NTT Pro Cycling’s three former Amstel Gold Race champions are to unite for a special Zwift event on Sunday April 19. This is the same date that the race was originally scheduled to take place before having to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two-time champion Enrico Gasparotto (2012 & 2016) along with Roman Kreuziger (2013) and Michael Valgren (2018) will ride together; reminiscing and sharing key insights on the race that holds special memories for them all.

In 2018, before they became teammates at NTT Pro Cycling, Kreuziger and Gasparotto both finished on the podium behind Valgren, in a unique triple.

They will be joined by fellow NTT Pro Cycling riders and staff, as well as our fans. We urge as many as possible to join us for this special event as the riders will be sharing their thoughts on Zwift, as well as on our team’s social media platforms.

Ride details:

Amstel for all three of us means something very important in our careers. To reflect on our wins and the good feeling we had in those races, is very special and will live with us forever. We love the race, and so we are able to interpret and express it in absolutely the best way possible.

We are definitely going to miss the race itself and the fantastic fans alongside the road; in particular the ambiance on Valkenburg on that day is absolute magic.

So, this Sunday we would like to honour it, giving the fans a chance to ask any questions that they’d like so that we can all draw even closer, during a tough period, even when we are all apart.

Enrico Gasparotto

It’s very exciting to have three former winners of the race. Sadly, it would normally be a big week for us and I was looking forward to racing but of course, understandably, with the global situation we can’t race.

But we are very fortunate to have Zwift on our side and we can still ride, not race, but have a nice ride. Very exciting to still be there with Gaspa and Michael and we hope that many fans will be able to join us and we will enjoy the ride. Hope you can join us too, and see you then!

Roman Kreuziger

My win in 2018 at Amstel is one of the best memories I’ve ever had on a bike. To stand on the podium with my now teammates was a great honour and something I’ll always cherish.

It’s obviously disappointing that we can’t race this year but considering everything that’s happening in the world we appreciate more than ever the sport that we love.

A social ride with Gaspa and Roman on Sunday is going to be a great way to reflect on a race that is all so special to us, so we look forward to as many people as possible joining us and we’ll perhaps let you in on a couple of the secrets that saw us all achieve success.

Most importantly though we can’t wait now for the race in 2021 to hopefully be back on the start line again.

Michael Valgren