Il Lombardia monument awaits for NTT Pro Cycling

NTT Pro Cycling will line up for the second cycling monument of the season in as many weeks, when the UCI World Tour peloton takes on Il Lombardia in Italy tomorrow.

‘The race of the falling leaves’ comes slightly earlier this year, due to Covid-19 causing a reshuffling of the UCI cycling calendar. While the change of time in season is obvious, the route itself has only a few subtle alterations.

The parcour of this year’s edition will be a slightly shorter 231km, but no less challenging, as all the famous climbs of Il Lombardia will feature once again. Expect the race defining moments to play out over the likes of the Madonna del Ghisallo, Muro di Sormano, and Civiglio climbs.

It was NTT Pro Cycling’s intention to start with the same team that raced Wednesday’s Gran Piemonte, and have Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier lead the team. Unfortunately after our Eritrean climber crashed out of Piemonte, he will not be able to start Il Lombardia, as he recovers from lacerations to his elbow and ankle.

Enrico Gasparotto replaces Ghebreigzabhier and he will be joined by Danilo Wyss, Ben King, Stefan de Bod, Gino Mader, Benjamin Dyball and Matteo Sobrero.

Lombardia is a brutal race suiting the best climbers. The hardest climbs are stacked in the second half of the 230 km course. But it is also beautiful. With so much history and Italian romance surrounding this race, we all want to get the best out of ourselves.

Ben King – NTT Pro Cycling

Lombardia will be a tough challenge for our team. Normally, Amanuel would have led our team here after the promise he showed last year, racing deep into the finale of Lombardia. Now in his absence there will be new opportunities for our team, particularly for the younger guys, to take their chance and gain valuable experience.

Bingen Fernandez – NTT Pro Cycling Sport Director