Igor Anton calls time on 14-year career

14 years ago I started my career as a professional, in a really hard sport but a very beautiful and amazing sport. Vuelta Espana has defined me as a person in many aspects, it is where I achieved my best results, it gave me some of my best moments and some of my worst moments. Therefore, after thinking well about my career, I have decided that tomorrow I will end my career with my final race number, 102.

It is a fitting scenario and race to bring this adventure I have been on to an end. This chapter of my life has been unbelievable, and I would not want to change anything because I have been privileged to make a small contribution to the long and magnificent history of the sport of cycling.

After 21 grand tours I think this has been an amazing final tour, it has also been very emotional for me. A lot of memories have been coming back to me and many scenarios have been reappearing in my mind.

I want to say a big THANKS to all the partners that supported me at my 3 teams; Euskaltel-Euskadi, Movistar Team and Dimension Data for Qhubeka. From the first day of my career until this very last moment I have been backed by these incredible organisations. At Team Dimension Data I had 3 very special years and it was a great experience to be part of this unique project, it made my career so much more interesting.

I want to remember my mother MaryJose in this time, who I dearly miss. She sacrificed a lot for me and put in great effort to help me achieve my dream. Also, my father, he allowed me to pursue this career. My wife, she suffered with me through all of the bad moments but always stayed by my side to help me through the tough situations. Then to my loving daughter Udane, because she is my engine now.

A a final thanks to the rest of my family, friends and the many people who have helped and supported me since the beginning of my career, they know who they are.

Now starts a new adventure for me, which I am very excited for.

See you all soon… THANKS!!

Igor Anton

Hace 14 temporadas empezaba mi andadura en este precioso y duro deporte, La Vuelta España me dió mucho de lo que soy como ciclista y por ello despues de meditarlo muy bien…y desde esta carrera mañana me despediré del ciclismo profesional con mi dorsal 102.

Es un buen escenario para cerrar esta etapa, que me ha dado mucho mas de lo que hubiese pensado y no cambiaría nada porque todo hace mi pequeña y particular historia ciclistica.

Despues de 21 grandes vueltas pienso que es un precioso final y aunque las emociones, recuerdos y todos esos momentos afloren, desde esta despedida quiero AGRADECER desde el primero al ultimo integrante de mis 3 equipos, Euskaltel-Euskadi, Movistar team y El DimensionData for Qhubeca. En DimensionData he vivido uno de mis mejores experiencias y ha hecho que mi carrera sea aun mas interesante y especial.

Sin duda no me puedo olvidar de mi madre MariJose que tanto se esforzó para que yo llegara hasta aquí, la hecho mucho de menos pero me da la fortaleza para luchar, y a mi padre Enrique que me dejó ser yo mismo, me motivó, a mi mujer Idoia que tanto me ha soportado y ayudado, y por supuesto a mi hija Udane que es mi motor.

A toda la familia, amigos y la gente que me a apoyado desde mis inicios hasta ahora (ellos ya saben quienes son)

Comienzan otra nuevas aventuras,

Geroarte, besarkada bat!

Hasta pronto, un abrazo!

Igor Anton