Hope | Team Qhubeka NextHash TDF2021 (video)

Team Qhubeka NextHash is delighted to present the third in its series of short films from the 2021 Tour de France – ‘Hope’.

This film reflects on exploring hope in respect of honouring the world’s biggest race but also on what the team’s standing is in the world of cycling, and the unique position it has to inspire through competing on the very highest level.

It includes reflecting on the journey of Nicholas Dlamini, the first Black South African to ever compete at the Tour de France, and his remarkable story that saw him eliminated from the race on stage 9 in Tignes. His own personal journey captivated people around the world with his determination to complete the stage despite being out of the time limit.

Our two previous films in the series, ‘Success’ and ‘Ubuntu’ can be viewed here.