Fleche Wallonne: Lineup

The 2020 cycling classics season is upon us, with the UCI World Tour Fleche Wallonne taking place tomorrow. NTT Pro Cycling will be at the start of the Ardennes Classic with the ambition of racing for a top result.

La Fleche Wallonne, usually the second Ardennes classic of the season, finds itself as the “new” 2020 classics season opener after the race calendar was reshuffled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 200km race route remains the same as in previous years, with the local laps around Huy and including the famous Mur de Huy, set to provide the stage for an exciting race.

NTT Pro Cycling’s team for Fleche Wallonne is made up by Carlos Barbero, Samuele Battistella, Enrico Gasparotto, Ben King, Roman Kreuziger, Gino Mader and Ben Dyball.

Fleche Wallonne takes place at a different time of the year, this year, but with the same challenging route we can expect a similar race. The Mur de Huy will define the race once more, with a reduced group expected to arrive at the very steep climb and sprint for one of the most prized victories. We have riders that are suited to this type of finale. Gasparotto has finished in the top 10 a couple times here and will be a key rider for us tomorrow, either doing the finale are using his experience to assist his teammates.

Bingen Fernandez – Sport Director