A day at the track

Team Qhubeka ASSOS and Aerocoach recently spent some time optimizing the time trial position of Domenico Pozzovivo, at the Velodrome in Montichiari.

Domenico Pozzovivo, our veteran Italian who weighs in at just under 60-kg is well known for exploits in the high mountains, but to place well in a race general classification, climbers need to back up there impressive power to weight ratio on the climbs, with consistently strong performances against the clock too.

With a view to the upcoming Giro d’Italia, which includes 2 important time trials, the Qhubeka ASSOS performance team of Elliot Lipski (coach), Mattia Michelusi (Coach), Giuseppe Campanella (mechanic) and Gabriele Missaglia, together with Xavier Disley from Aerocoach, collected test data from Pozzovivo during a 5 hour track session in Montichiari.

Elliot Lipski gives us some insight into what actually happened during the day, and some detail around what data was collected and analyzed.