Amstel Gold Race is the first of three Ardennes Classics and the UCI World Tour ranked classic will take place on Sunday in South Limburg, Netherlands. The 55th edition of the Amstel Gold Race is set to be a unique edition of the race with a revised route, due to Covid-19 restrictions, consisting of a 16,9km lap around Valkenburg that will be completed 12 times before one final circuit of 15,9km brings the race to its conclusion, for a total of 216km. The climbs of Geulhemmerberg, Bemmelberg and Cauberg will feature on each lap, with only the Cauberg being bypassed on the final lap. The.

For most, the presentation of 24 teams on the eve of the Grande Partenza signals the race getting underway but for all those involved just arriving at the start line is an achievement in and of itself. This series will take you inside that process: the planning, logistics, team selection, race arrival and right into the heart of the final team meeting. Douglas Ryder, Founder and Team Principal of Team Qhubeka ASSOS, sets the tone of our unique content series showcasing our preparations for the 104th Giro d’Italia. MEMORIES Our Giro dream actually started in 2014, when we longed to get into the event and.